Top 250 American Movies: Home Page and Links

Let’s start trendy: the link to my list on Letterboxd, which will entitle you to yell at me about what’s there and what’s not there, but maybe not with all that much nuance.

And now practical:

1-10 / Nashville to The Master

11-20 / Rear Window to The Gold Rush

21-30 / Before Sunset to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

31-40 / Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans to Dawson City: Frozen Time

41-50 / Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt to The Godfather

51-60 / Inside Llewyn Davis to Far from Heaven

61-70 / City Lights to The Irishman

71-80 / The Wild Bunch to Fort Apache

81-90 / Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story to Mulholland Drive

91-100 / The Fly to A Hidden Life

101-150 / The Muppet Movie to Tower

151-200 / 16 Days of Glory to Monterey Pop

201-250 / Leave Her to Heaven to Shoes

Charts, Statistics, and Broad Insights

This was a lot of fun for me to work through and reflect on, and I hope that it’s also fun for you to read. Cheers!

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