Baumann and Burch, Episode 36: The Triple Pronged Genre Question

In this episode of the B&B B&B, the two of us take a deep dive into the Better than AFI’s Top 100 list that Tim has spent a lot of time on in the past few months. We talk about some top choices on the list, discuss directors who are well represented, and mention a few recommendations Tim has. We also expand past the list as well, discussing how some genres – comedy, western, and horror, specifically – are represented on this list and how they’re represented in pop culture as a general rule, with some offshoot comments about the directions we see movies going in generally. The link to the Better than AFI’s Top 100 index is here, in case you’re interested in filling out your top 100 movies from a poll, checking out individual articles, or what have you. (Fair warning that we went longer than our stated goal of trying to keep these podcasts to an hour or so.)

We also take a stab, in a longer than usual edition of a B&B B&B After Dark, at our “handshake five” movies, a concept Tim stole from the people at the Pure Cinema Podcast. (You can check out that episode of the Pure Cinema Podcast here.) Matt tops his off with an animated classic (or is it?) and supplements with comically ambitious pictures, while Tim overloads his list with prestige foreign movies. We haven’t changed much since the last time you saw us is basically what I’m trying to say.

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