Jawn Voyage – The Incredibles, Minute by Minute

Welcome to the minute-by-minute podcast devoted to The Incredibles, the 2004 Disney-Pixar film about a family with superpowers.

Tim is a high school teacher living in the Southeast. His online writings are mostly about movies and can be found here, at Seeing Things Secondhand. Matt is a grad student and teacher based in the Great Lakes region. His online writings are primarily about music and can be found at Hullabaloo and Ballyhoo. We also host/produce/are the only ones who care about the Baumann and Burch Bed and Breakfast (“B&B B&B”) podcast. Jawn Voyage is a separate entity from the B&B B&B, which will continue to exist, cover seemingly unrelated pop culture topics, and indulge overmuch in brackets and Top 100 lists. If you like Jawn Voyage, please poke around the B&B B&B and our blogs as well.

We’d like to acknowledge the example set by the folks at Star Wars Minute, and hope you’ll enjoy our talks about Pixar’s most underrated classic.

Below is the index of Jawn Voyage episodes:

0:00-0:59We discuss the relationship between “superhero” and “star,” talk about Brad Bird’s history with Cold War-era animated dramas, and talk about how exceptionalism is bred into the idea of a secret identity. This takes us from Sleeping Beauty castle to Elastigirl’s line about not wanting to go to the supermarket in her superhero costume. – 1/16/2017

1:00-1:59 – We talk about Mr. Incredible’s abiding need for attention, Frozone’s kind of flat introduction to the movie, and Elastigirl’s kick-butt logo. This takes us from Frozone’s interview through Elastigirl saying, “I don’t think so!…I don’t think so.” – 1/16/2017

2:00-2:59Is The Incredibles more like a Bond-style spy thriller or more like a traditional superhero story? That and more, with special shoutouts to some genuinely good cinematography, the fascinating car Mr. Incredible’s driving around, and the city of Municiberg (and its surrounding attractions.) – 1/16/2017

3:00-3:59“He’s quite tame,” the little old lady says, but we have more suspicion of Squeaker than she does. Not to mention, we’re more suspicious of Mr. Incredible; how many people does he almost kill in this scene? And what’s he getting out of getting a cat out of a tree anyway?  – 1/16/2017

4:00-4:59It’s Buddy! And Elastigirl too! We have more to say about one than the other at just this moment, but also a surprising amount about what Ben Stiller might have inspired in this film. We also talk about how fandom is one heck of a drug, and how it’s performed in even shabby, humble ways. – 1/16/2017

5:00-5:59Mr. Incredible is kind of a jerk and a good ol’ anti-feminist, but Elastigirl and Frozone seem to have some pretty sweet superpowers worthy of introduction. Banter abounds. Mr. Incredible still has time. – 1/22/2017

6:00-6:59Bomb Voyage appears! Our namesake: is he closer to James Woods or some harmonica-rippin’ musician we hope you know and love? Aside from wondering about his origins, which are clearly not French, we take a surprisingly long time thinking about Incrediboy and whether or not he made the right decision putting the rockets on his feet. – 1/22/2017

7:00-7:59Finally, we hit the part of the movie which brought us our opening soundbite. Everything else is just a long, meaningless dive into our own obsolescence. In the interim, though, we get into a discussion about what Buddy means when he says that there are certain parts of himself to be true to, as well as the implication of discrimination against superheroes without naturally endowed powers. Heavy stuff. – 1/22/2017

8:00-8:59Is there a reason that every superhero movie from the mid-2000s features runaway trains? Listen to find out what we make of that as well as the deliciously brand-conscious statement, “You’re not affiliated with me!” – 1/22/2017

9:00-9:59 Bob and Helen – for those are their real names – get married. Which parts of themselves are they going to be true to? How much chitter-chatter can they get away with during their own wedding? Who are the guests? Most importantly, what do we think happened to Bomb Voyage? – 1/22/2017

10:00-10:59Everything falls apart with great celerity here, and we spend a lot of time pausing the movie so we can dissect headlines, photographs, individual articles, and the authors, all of whom have remarkably similar initials. More identity talk abounds. We also show admirable restraint in not getting too far ahead of ourselves. – 1/22/2017

11:00-11:59Come for the discussions about how “Harrison Bergeron” connects with the brave new anti-Super world, stay for the inevitable comparisons to Hegel’s work. For the first time we also get to reckon with what it’s like for Bob and Helen fifteen years out, and for the first time we have a mystery that has to wait for the next minute to be solved! – 1/22/2017

12:00-12:59We solve our cliffhanger, most importantly, but also witness Bob fighting the system as he tries to become a better man at his job. Mostly we’re a little disappointed not to pull any Easter eggs. – 1/29/2017

13:00-13:59Mysteries abound in this minute. How did Wallace Shawn get roped into doing Pixar movies anyway? How far could Bob throw Mr. Huph? Why is it spelled like that? What dastardly dealings are being hidden at Erta Tilda Pi? What, precisely, did Dash do? And does it have to do with his superpowers? – 1/29/2017

14:00-14:59An anachronism – maybe – is pointed out, though it could be evidence of something far more devilish and sneaky. We get to know Dash a little bit more and immediately appreciate his squished little face. – 1/29/2017

15:00-15:59When the historians talk about this minute, they’ll refer to it as “the VeggieTales minute,” and everyone will know what they’re talking about. – 1/29/2017

16:00-16:59Highlights from this minute include the influence of Scandinavian architects on the Parr house, as well as the brilliant little tricycle kid who witnesses something, well, incredible. Donnie Thornberry guest stars. – 1/29/2017

17:00-17:59Much is made during the first minute of the Parr family dinner of Dash’s wild steak-eating habits and Jak Jak’s seeming inability to chew. Matt also delves into the symbolic importance of some individual shots. – 1/29/2017

18:00-18:59We indulge ourselves in discussing the various ways that the Parrs’ superpowers, just about all of which are on display at this point, show us something about their characters. We also make note of the joys of leftover night, doubtless a joy you remember from your own childhood. – 1/29/2017

19:00-19:59A big minute here, as we uncover missing links in science, the identity of Gazerbeam, the warlike parlance of Helen Parr, and run into Lucius Best for the first time. – 1/29/2017

20:00-20:59“What does anyone in this family know about normal?” Violet asks, and we discuss how loaded that statement is with more than just teenage angst. A brief interlude into Susan Bordo’s work follows. Meanwhile, Bob and Lucius sit in front of a glowing police scanner, drop some figurative language, and reminisce about baddies like “Baron von Ruthless.” – 2/19/2017

21:00-21:59A figure in luminescent, hi-tech green – a slim woman with white hair – watches Lucius and “the fat guy” from her car. Who is she? What does she want?  And why does Lucius try to talk Bob out of getting too wrapped up in “the old days?” – 2/19/2017

22:00-22:59As Matt and I are fond of saying: “There’s fire over there!” Bob and Lucius find themselves in a burning building and in real danger, perhaps for the first time in years, of getting torched. The two of us spend a fair bit of time wondering about the physics of this fine mess the men have gotten themselves into. – 2/19/2017

23:00-23:59More talk about physics, although on the whole it’s rather less complimentary than it had been before. We also wonder what, exactly, the police are trained to do in Metroville. A clear reference to Pulp Fiction, obviously, as well as some accidental hilarity as an inside joke about former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie turns into a misstatement that will get Tim kicked out of Sixers Internet for life. – 2/19/2017

24:00-24:59One of the key minutes of the movie, for our money. We see the face of the white-haired woman, who’s on the horn about “targets” and “the one he’s been looking for.” We also witness the beginnings of a scene in a surprisingly Expressionist home with a surprisingly Wonderland arm in which Helen shows us just how much she knows. – 2/19/2017

25:00-25:59We may not know who’d win in a fight between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, but in a battle of sanity, wit, and good judgment, Helen certainly comes out ahead. There’s a little Revolutionary Road here to uncover as the adult Parrs have it out about Bob’s bad judgment, and the two of us discuss the pastiche of midlife crisis cliches. – 2/19/2017

26:00-26:59We spend some time thinking about the silent gestures of The Incredibles, including how the view of the Parrs’ neighborhood and the crowding of Bob’s office show their surprisingly normal suburban life. We also take a look at some of the more unusual Insuricare policies: they have a policy for atomic war?! – 2/19/2017

27:00-27:59Bob gets into a boring meeting with his boss, who is maybe even more officious than usual. We discuss the spic and span office, the deep fatigue of everyone in the office, and the strange interloper who bears a striking resemblance to the woman who was spying on Bob and Lucius just a few minutes ago. This podcast also begins with something of a lengthy discussion on the history of Oscar Best Animated Features, in honor of the day of its recording and of The Incredibles’ big win at the Oscars in 2005. – 2/26/2017

28:00-28:59Couldn’t help but to decry the capitalist, Inside Job mentality of upper-level bureaucrats like our friend, Mr. Huph. We also wonder what it must be like to be a man of one metaphor and/or simile, and we compare that metaphor and/or simile, unpredictably, to Monty Python and Robertson Davies. Obviously this is not a thrilling minute, but we think we’re kind of interesting! – 2/26/2017

29:00-29:59This is the minute where some stuff happens at Bob’s workplace, presumably fueling enough office gossip to last a lifetime (if anyone remembers it, wink wink). Find out what happens in the new sport of “Huph-hurling,” meet the improbably named Rick Dicker, and wow yourself when you realize who Mr. Huph looks like when someone is crushing his trachea. – 2/26/2017

30:00-30:59We begin this minute with a brief (and, for one of us, totally unexpected) discussion of Bud Luckey. We also begin to think about Bob’s history as someone who actively disrupts his family’s life, and think about some really neat, precise moments of outsized importance throughout this film and how they come back to haunt Bob a little bit here. A big minute here, and yes, it does feature the stylings of Tricycle Kid. – 2/26/2017

31:00-31:59It’s an iPad! It has instructions! It’s also 1972: what’s an iPad anyway? (Tim also goofs here about the time! Sorry!) – 2/26/2017

32:00-32:59The swooping angles of the spy movie, the tension between Mirage’s voice in Bob’s little self-shrine and Helen’s outside of it, the report of a mysterious Omnidroid, the cooing reassurance that “the supers aren’t gone,” and of course, Bob’s stroked ego. There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. – 2/26/2017

33:00-33:59Bob about floods the house, silly man, but not before he takes the opportunity to survey a room which is dedicated to his own former splendor. We also think about how this minute more or less ends the first act of the film, and look in both directions to consider where we’ve been and where we expect to go. – 2/26/2017

34:00-34:59We’re back! Go here to take a survey about the greatest American movies!

Anyway, after a significant hiatus the two of us pick up where we left off, with Bob holding that pink hairdryer. We consider how on earth Bob gets away with lying to his much more intelligent wife about the state of his job, and take to the Internet to figure out what’s going to happen to their marriage. – 5/21/2017

35:00-35:59Chairs! We love to talk about chairs! And when we don’t talk about chairs, we have a little more to say about Bob’s deep-seated arrogance concerning the Omnidroid mission, as well as the running image of Mirage separated from Bob via partition or distance. Also covered is the debate of whether the Omnidroid is more the Predator or more Winston Wolf. – 5/21/2017

36:00-36:59Topography comes to the fore as we think of how Nomanisan Island – yes, really – is set up. We decide that it must not be a really real island at all. Matt also hypothesizes that Bob’s search for the Omnidroid is the embodiment of every old guy who’s ever laced up at a YMCA. – 5/21/2017

37:00-37:59It’s a learning robot, Mirage has told us, and we now get to learn about it as it shows up very suddenly and very angrily. Guest starring Celine Dion. – 5/21/2017

38:00-38:59There can be nothing more unfair than how the Omnidroid manages to survive what should be the ultimate power move from our hero. Bob’s back gives out on him, as well as his nerve for just a moment or two. – 5/21/2017

39:00-39:59Some discussion is had over just how smart this robot is, if Bob actually fulfilled the mission as Mirage gave it to him, Bob’s connection to the “This is fine” dog, and how quickly his confidence comes back after it had disappeared on him for ages. – 5/21/2017

40:00-40:59More chairs! Wide shots! And of course, the interesting language a mysterious shadowy figure has for Mirage as she wines and dines her mark, who seems to know and not know what’s happening to him all at once. Also, what’s the deal with grapes? – 5/21/2017

41:00-41:59A positively noirish statement from Mirage kicks off our discussion of this minute, but we spend a lot of time wondering if Bob is eating a human finger or not, and we spend even more time wondering about just how Bob is holding the object which may or may not be a human finger, and if being an ambidextrous eater is a thing at all. – 5/21/2017

42:00-42:59 A new montage which lasts who knows how long – we try to figure it out, at any rate. Bob reads a magazine with awfully racy copy. Helen’s back for the first time in a few minutes, and we take stock of where their marriage has gone since we first picked up with them again in the aftermath of the Exploding iPad Incident. – 5/21/2017

43:00-43:59 – Edna is here! Her house is almost strangely artsy! And she is as obsessed with the past as Bob! But mostly Edna is here, and that’s what matters. Yes, there are chairs to talk about. – 5/28/2017

44:00-44:59We discuss Edna’s background, which must be one of fantastic wealth, and consider the possibility of what Bob’s new suit might mean for someone who is trying/not trying to reinvent himself. We also think about the similarities which Edna shares with another short, wise, unusual critter in Yoda. – 5/28/2017

45:00-45:59We go so much further than “No capes!” In what is virtually assured to be the longest Jawn Voyage episode, at about fifty minutes, we take an unbelievably deep dive on the five characters whose deaths come from capes, with interest in superhero costumes, in what role Dynaguy might have played in Buddy’s development, and fascination about the concept of threat ratings. If you liked JFK, you’re gonna love this “minute.” – 5/28/2017

46:00-46:59Home again, home again, Helen’s doin’ laundry. Helen discovers hair and a phone call and that means it’s time for us to think about the import of bringing adultery, or at least the threat of it, into a movie for young adults. – 5/28/2017

47:00-47:59A minute without much going on besides transition, but one which raises a terribly important question: what kind of monster eats mimosas and shrimp cocktail together? We also, of course, hypothesize on the mechanics of a plane that is also a submarine. – 5/28/2017

48:00-48:59Bob’s on vacation, and while he certainly is not in vacation in the sense that we would think of it, he sure believes he is. There’s more fruit to be had, there’s the “A113” running gag, and Tim talks about the exact moment when Bob should have known the guy hiring him is evil. Matt is, in a different part of the minute, a little ambivalent about the possibility that Bob and Mirage have done a bit of “How’s yer father?” – 5/28/2017

49:00-49:59Helen’s vacuuming a floor that does not appear to have been vacuumed since the Johnson administration when she shows us her other superpower: she always knows when Bob’s clothes are wrong. Whether the phone in the house is more like a grenade or a snake is discussed, and the word “fishplace” is coined for a special feature of Edna’s abode. – 5/28/2017

50:00-50:59Bob is met and defeated almost immediately by an Omnidroid which bursts right through the wall of the conference room! We consider the use of silence in this minute jointly. Tim is sure that Bob could have avoided this confrontation if he’d shown up on time instead of in time; Matt has a new set of chairs he’s interested in. And of course, we are introduced to our first supervillain in a hot minute…who’s wearing a cape… – 6/4/2017

51:00-51:59Tim accidentally drops the name of the supervillain. We have to be open about our failures. We do find out, however, that whoever this guy is is the grown up version of Buddy, who of course followed Mr. Incredible around fifteen years ago. Aside from some confusion about a potential Dalek and the well-made transition between the two times, we also talk about what prime superhero age is. – 6/4/2017

52:00-52:59Matt receives a delivery, forcing Tim to spitball. However, we also talk about some fast camera movement, some failures in physics, Bob’s swimming ability, and continue to debate what the best names are for Syndrome’s weapons. – 6/4/2017

53:00-53:59Science is not infallible! Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog makes an appearance! The meaning of “Kronos” and a brief recollection of Gazerbeam are brought to the forefront. We also talk a little bit about Jason Lee, who’s voicing Syndrome and who we hadn’t mentioned before. – 6/4/2017

54:00-54:59It’s Edna again, doin’ the reverse Nosferatu, and the two of us consider some favorite moments from the tracking shots which dominate this minute. Matt has an eye on the Hall of Costumes, while Tim is taken with the connections between Edna’s lab and “Rocky Top.” – 6/4/2017

55:00-55:59If you’ve ever wondered why a baby might need a special super-suit which can withstand a raging fire and a hail of bullets, this is the minute for you. We also think about how someone is supposed to know that their child is endowed with superpowers, and how soon it’s possible to find out. – 6/4/2017

56:00-56:59We say the words “midlife crisis” again, we talk about why a woman with a secretive husband and three kids might want a homing beacon, we question how godlike Edna can be (answer: seriously godlike), and we talk about why Edna and Syndrome, not Bob and Syndrome, are the real foils for one another. – 6/4/2017

57:00-57:59“Do you know where he is?” Edna asks. It’s a dangerous question, but one that we’ve gotten the answer to. We talk about some technical aspects of the film, with special focus on lighting, and we think about how Bob has become cannier and cannier over the course of the film. Finally, a note for celebration – this is the halfway point of the movie! – 6/4/2017

58:00-58:59This is the most mathematical podcast we’re ever going to do, as Tim tries to discern how far Bob throws a rock based on some back-of-the-napkin math and the Pythagorean triangle. Honestly this one’s a little odd. – 6/11/2017

59:00-59:59A cliffhanger! After infiltrating the base and skirting through the unusually shaped hallways of Syndrome’s base, Bob is very near to being incinerated by closing walls of lava. Will he make it? (He will.) – 6/11/2017

60:00-60:59There’s a chair, Matt says, and we analyze the Cerebro-esque setup that Syndrome has going. We discuss the four options on Syndrome’s home screen, adjust our timeline based on some new information, and are introduced to Universal Man…for one second. – 6/11/2017

61:00-61:59This podcast is nearly two hours long, as it deals with every superhero noted on Syndrome’s Slideshow of Death. Seriously. We went on a deep dive here into the universe….which is literally deeper than the dive the filmmakers went on, because it’s longer than the movie. We also discuss a real issue in the movie’s timeline (albeit one which has less than a second of screen time), and we talk about Bob’s increasingly familial mindset. – 6/11/2017

62:00-62:59Bob is shot by dodgeball cannons! Or something like them! We talk about movie editing a smidge, although much of this minute is basically us recovering from the last minute we discussed. Bear with us as we discuss how Edna burns her friends. – 6/11/2017

63:00-63:59Edna is a respository of good advice and weird faces. “Fight! Win!” indeed. We also get our first glimpse of Violet in a while, and we talk about how the second act of the movie is beginning to wind down. – 6/11/2017

64:00-64:59We’re back from a really long hiatus! Click here to vote on Oscar Best Picture winners!

After refamiliarizing ourselves with the film, we refamiliarize ourselves with chairs, obviously. We also talk a little about who Snug might be, where Helen might know him from, and how Dash quickly falls into the role of every little kid who’s ever wanted to be a superhero. -5/20/2018

65:00-65:59You get static! And you get static! And you get static! (All of you also get coffee at the same time.) – 5/20/2018

66:00-66:59In this minute we talk about some interesting blocking with Syndrome and Bob, try to work out what kind of pill capsule Bob is in, and discuss just how dark it must have been in there. Syndrome’s fanboy qualities come to the forefront once more, and most importantly: we see a cape for the first time since we were warned so vividly against them. -5/20/2018

67:00-67:59There’s a lot that happens in this minute—we know that something bad is coming for Helen and her two stowaway kids, for example—but Jack-Jack is in a high chair and is having a torrid love affair with an orange. Also, Kari shows up, thank heavens. -5/20/2018

68:00-68:59It’s the nicest minute of the entire film. Both of us get a mite out of our depth here as we start talking the physics of small airliners and wonder at Helen’s incredible piloting capabilities. Wear your seat belts, friends. -5/20/2018

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