Scenes from a Marriage (1973)

I’ve completed a series of episode-by-episode reviews of the television miniseries Scenes from a Marriage. I’ve decided to make it easier to access these posts as part of a group by making this page as an index. I’ve also added a short synopsis of each episode so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly. Enjoy!

Episode 1: “Innocence and Panic.” Johan and Marianne, a successful married couple, are introduced via an interview for a women’s magazine. After the interview, which suggests the unequal roles that the two of them play in their marriage, another married couple comes over for dinner and drinks and has a sustained row.

Episode 2: “The Art of Sweeping Things Under the Rug.” Johan’s job as a research professor and Marianne’s as a family lawyer are given scenes. Marianne tries to lighten up Johan a little bit, who seems down on their relationship but refuses to take any of the bait that Marianne gives him.

Episode 3: “Paula.” Johan comes to the summer cottage where Paula and their daughters have been posting up. He reveals that he has a mistress named Paula, and he intends to leave Marianne in the morning.

Episode 4: “The Vale of Tears.” Johan and Marianne meet at their home for the first time since he left her. They talk normally with one another—Johan shares the vague hellishness of his relationship with Paula—but in the end he still returns to his mistress.

Episode 5: “The Illiterates.” Marianne comes to Johan’s office with the divorce papers for what should be a simple set of signatures. Havoc ensues.

Episode 6: “In the Middle of the Night in a Dark House Somewhere in the World.” Years later, married to other people now, Johan and Marianne think about their own marriage and find a place to understand one another again in the titular setting.

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