Baumann and Burch, Episode 35: The One Where Tim Finds Out Where Matt Used to Live

The NBA Draft just happened, and we are here to give our thoughts and spread the word about Kuzma’s mother. Join us as we are surprisingly up on the Magic and Suns, laugh at the Pistons, find space to hate Bryan Colangelo, have our yearly Kings discussion, and more. (Be slightly careful with the volume about this one – it is accidentally and amusingly loud towards the beginning.)

If you are up for more NBA thoughts, check out a new edition of the scandalously named and circumspectly spoken “B&B B&B After Dark,” in which we run through the prospective futures of the Seattle Sonics and Louisville Colonels. Find out about the new divisions of a 32-team NBA, which people Matt forgot to protect, and how far Jayson Tatum, who Danny Ainge would have picked first, dropped in our version of the 2017 NBA Draft.

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