Baumann and Burch, Episode 26: British Miniseries and the Worth of Clive Owen

It’s another edition of the B&B B&B, but based on the number of topics we give airtime to, it’s more like three. In our first segment, we discuss TV: The Book, the marvelous Sepinwall/Zoller Seitz joint which gives an authoritative and super readable rundown of great American television.

Matt: I was pleasantly surprised by where SpongeBob is.

Tim: Yes! Yes, they were very complimentary about SpongeBob. It was another one where I went – “Really? SpongeBob?” – and I had that same reaction I had with The Simpsons. And then after reading it, I was like, Okay, I get it. I can appreciate where you’re coming from on this.

Matt: Yeah, I guess I’m sort of on an animation kick, but that’s what I really like about the book, too. You’re not going to agree with all of the rankings, you’re not going to like all of the show –

Tim – or have heard of the show!

In our second, Matt and I give some shoutouts to TV shows which didn’t make The Book but which did make their way into our hearts.

Matt: I wanna give some love to Lady Dynamite, which is Maria Bamford’s show, a comedian I’ve been following and really enjoying for a while. And she – the premise for this series, she’s been very open about some mental illness she’s been suffering from, specifically bipolar disorder, and that informs a lot of her comedy as well. And the show, she said, is kind of like her trying to work through, one, but two, showing that if you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom or something close to it, you can always come out the other side better.

In the final portion of the podcast, Matt and I play a game that we liberated from The Ringer, but which we feel has been liberated, somehow, from us. (Here’s a link to the fan offerings that were brought to The Ringer, which we referenced briefly.)

Tim: Mandy Patinkin’s her [Nicole Kidman’s] boss  who falls for her almost immediately. His secret is that he’s got a child who’s associated with the Symbionese Liberation Army, and he doesn’t want that to come out because he’s also a straitlaced businessman. But if that were to, y’know, get out, that would just about ruin him. So he has that sort of secret to work with. Added bonus, both of them can sing. Whether or not they will be allowed to sing is something entirely different. I think I might just have to cheat and like, use it once, and just forget about it. But the thought of Mandy Patinkin not singing in my television show is just too much to bear.

Matt: Well, like, the Mad Men thing –

Tim: Oooooh.

Matt: You give Cooper a musical number…

Tim: Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly what it would be like. You can’t have Ken Cosgrove tap dance more than once, but you save it for the right time and then you use it.

It’s admittedly a little longer than we shoot for, but with any luck you’ll enjoy this one almost as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Have fun, y’all.

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