Baumann and Burch, Episode 23: When Did You Learn that Persian Looks Just Like Michel Foucault?

We learned during the podcast!

We admit that this edition is a touch scattered, but maybe it’s just because we’re finally one of our longest-percolating ideas. We’ve combined Pokemon and famous philosophers into cute(?), marketable(?), playable(!) “Pokelosophers,” each with their own moves, HP, types, and evolutionary trees. Find out about some of our favorite evolutions, which Pokelosopher constitute our starters, and what Karl Marx and Eevee have in common. Look in this link for a terrifying load of information regarding the game, as up-to-date as we have it at the moment. Let us know what you think! What can we do better to ensure that when we catch ’em all, we also seize the means of production?

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