Baumann and Burch, Episode 17: Ben Simmons Chosen by the Philadelphia Karma Chameleons

Matt and I don’t usually do podcasts based on like, what is actually happening in real life right now, but as NBA fans and draft nuts generally who fancy the Sixers and Lakers, we thought now was a good time to start. We review the NBA Draft: happy thoughts on our teams, lol-based thoughts about the Celtics, why Henry Ellenson is emphatically not Hedo Turkoglu, and why the Memphis Grizzlies are as likable as ever.

You can also listen to our second “B&B B&B After Dark” installment, where Matt and I talk very seriously about some changes we’d love to see the NBA make which of course they never will. It’s not quite as long as our regular ‘casts, but the two of us still make time to talk about whether or not it’s a good move to make rookies unrestricted free agents, why tanking is like a badly written multiple-choice test, and just how many fun tournaments the NBA should be making room for.

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