Baumann and Burch Podcast #1 – I Live! I Die! I Podcast! (Sports Nicknames)

It’s not an essay! My friend Matt and I have put together our first podcast. Right now, it’s a bit of a song and dance to get in and listen. The link should take you to an audio player; go ahead press play, and then open it in Music Player for Google Drive, which should come up as an option. Once you’re there, it should start playing automatically. (You need a Gmail account, by the way. We don’t expect that will be a problem.)

We intend to talk about a bunch of different subjects, but today’s was sports nicknames, along with a couple of sing alongs, a veritably Springsteen-esque tour of New Jersey, and a spate of Jive.

It’s our first podcast ever, and we know it’ll take a while for us to really get good at all of the things that go into making one. To follow along with the bracket that we used., please click here, although the bracket does contain spoilers. Also, as promised: raccoon and Lance Berkman. To listen to the whole of our intro music, click here. Hope you enjoy.


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