Dune (2021)

Dir. Denis Villeneuve. Starring Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Sharon Duncan-Brewster Spoilers follow. I mean, there’s not that much that happens in this sucker, but it’s a recent release, so…spoilers. Friends, Prestige television has been affected by a powerful and terrible scourge in the years since I gave up on it. Presumably guided by the perspective… Read More Dune (2021)

1st Annual Grouches: 2019 Movie Year Awards

You know, because I’m grouchy, and because “Oscar” and “Grouch” go together, ha ha. Rules! Most importantly, the Grouches hold themselves to movies that it is not impossible to imagine the Oscars themselves might have given attention to. Ways in include production companies that the Oscars have awarded in the past, filmmakers the Oscars have… Read More 1st Annual Grouches: 2019 Movie Year Awards