The Sound Barrier (1952) and Tenet (2020)

Dir. David Lean. Starring Ann Todd, Ralph Richardson, Nigel Patrick Dir. Christopher Nolan. Starring John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson In two bloated ages of blockbuster filmmaking, David Lean and Christopher Nolan are curious rejoinders to their times. Lean, while not immune to the bloat of the 1950s and 1960s, made films which more… Read More The Sound Barrier (1952) and Tenet (2020)

Widows (2018)

Dir. Steve McQueen. Starring Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Rodriguez Spoilers, because this is still in theaters! For another fifteen minutes! But spoilers! Widows begins with a fairly long take of Liam Neeson and Viola Davis kissing. There’s a lot of tongue. It’s 2018, and it’s the first time I’ve seen an interracial kiss onscreen… Read More Widows (2018)