The American Blockbuster Bubble

The Hollywood Reporter recently published a Todd McCarthy article wondering, basically, about sequel fatigue. The summer, he notes, movies like Transformers: The Last Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Cars 3 have each sputtered at the American box office. This is our fifth Transformers movie since 2007, our fifth Pirates movie since 2003, and… Read More The American Blockbuster Bubble

Baumann and Burch Podcast #3 – Immigrant Pillbugs (Pixar, Part 1)

We meant to make a single podcast about Pixar. We made two instead. This first half (which is less than an hour! Woo!) talks about our bottom five Pixar movies, as well as Tim’s scorching take on Toy Story 3 and Matt’s belief that all of these movies contain a secret message about a workers’… Read More Baumann and Burch Podcast #3 – Immigrant Pillbugs (Pixar, Part 1)